I'm on a limited budget, so its either the behringer v-amp 2 or the line 6 pocket pod for me...

anyone had any experience with either or both of these? if you could tell me the pros/cons of both, that would be awesome. and plz dont say that both of them just suck... Im looking for a lot more detail than that.

thanks a lot!!
The pocket POD is a bit less user-friendly as it's so small, but it just sounds so much better than the v-amp so for that reason go with the pod.
I´d personally go with a line 6 toneport GX it´s really simple to use and is really cheap.
I already have an mbox (which is better imo). I just need an amp modeler to record direct into.
Pocket Pod is great, but you need to use the computer software to really get the best out of it, the extra level of control really takes things up a notch when you're creating your own sounds. And the Presence knob is nifty too, it's set at zero on all the user created patches which is annoying, because some of the amp models are really dark.
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