Alright, I have a Peavey JSX, and lately my amp has been making very strange sounds.

It sounds like someone is running a tone generator through it, it starts out fairly high frequency then slowly cycles upwards in pitch for about 15-25 seconds until it's no longer audible. Once it's cycled downwards to a fairly low frequency then just stopped.

It's never very loud, and it's not affected by the amps volume controls, or EQ controls or anything else. I've unplugged the guitar and FX loop and the sound is still there. There's no electronic/lights/phone nearby that could be causing interference either.

It's been very intermittent, and hasn't happened very often, but it's starting to happen more frequently.

Is this something I should be concerned about? Any idea what could cause it?
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I just read the reviews on harmony central. Others have had the same volume dropping issue and were able to return it, may not be your case. One of the posters was told to check tubes and see if one is not seated correctly. Try that. Either way it is something that others have had an issue with so maybe give Peavey a call? Their techs have likely had this issue before them at some point in the past.

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Ummm....dying tubes? They do go microphonic and make odd noises when they go. I think a retube is needed. How old is the amp, and have you had it retubed?

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