Hi, I've got a Hughes & Kettner Switchblade 50w Combo, but I can't find any heaphone jacks :s

Does it mean my amp doesn't have one or am I overlooking something? :s

This is the rear view:

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most tube amps don't have head phone outs, or massive explosions might happen

Major disaster for next year when I'm moving into college :p
Hmm, maybe I should look up info on toneports
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Problem solved
I THINK a 50 watt load will work
Get somebody else to check, but that should work with your amp
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Well if your not cranking the amp a 50watt load will work.
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You bought a 50w tube combo and want a headphone out?

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Kinda pointless to buy a 50 watt tube amp for the tone then plug headphones into it.
No attenuator, I use the amp for gigs but I still want to be able to use it in my room... thus the headphones :s
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