Hey, I'm here to just get a rough idea of what a good tube amp would be for my playing style. I'm not actually gonna get one for at least a year, but I'd just like a rough estimation of what would be good, since I don't know too much about good amp brands.

I play punk, classic rock, hard rock and some Metallica. Some of my favourite bands are Rage Against the Machine and the Clash.

Let's just say I have a budget of around 800 euro. Now go wild.
Dunno about Euro conversion, but i think a Valve King would be good for you. Listen to some of the sound clips. You might be able to get the 212.
i have no clue what euro is haha but i personally love the sound of the orange tiny terror. check it out.

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Valveking is great value for money and fairly versatile, also look into the Laney VC series combos
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yea like the 2 guys above that said valveking, you should check those out, there well priced and if you go used you can get it even cheaper.