I'm going to write a research paper in school and we need to do it on a controversial topic. I want to do one about music and the industry or something along those lines. It has to have two clear sides and be able to write 7 pages (double spaced) about it.

I'm looking for something like record industry profits, indie bands/labels, illegal downloading, etc.

Thanks pit
Do illegal downloading? Or how much the industry makes opposed to the artist.
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The censuring of music, and bands like Cannibal Corpse.

Illegal downloading/file-sharing. There's a bunch of articles on this site about it. Just search it in news. I forgot the name of the organization that enforces it... it's like the RLAA or something.
- Downloading music
- Categorization of genres
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Write about limewire, which advertises free and legal sharing.

Its Frostwire now, not limewire. UPDATE YOURSELF! (but limewire is still better)
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You could talk about religion in music maybe. Talk about Christian bands and Black metal bands. Be careful about that though because if you're even the slightest bit biased people may think you're an asshole.
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That was controversial.
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censorship. frank zappa had an istrument jazz album censored just cause he testified against it.
changing your style. some say it's good to stay true to your roots, some bands want to sound mature, while others just want to keep up with trends and be popular by playing music that's popular basically selling out.
explain the heaven-sent miracle of torrents, or slag off emos for 7 pages
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Write about the on going controversy with scene kids and hardcore kids. Lol
Something that really pisses me off...the MPAA shutting down tab sites
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explain the heaven-sent miracle of torrents, or slag off emos for 7 pages

Or show people like this guy what emo actually is. For that you'll need www.fourfa.com.
The internet as a means of distributing music.
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You can add about how DRM drives people to download music illegally.. For example I paid for 560 songs on Itunes and can use those songs with no other device so I am bound to Ipod :-\
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How about "Is Metal Dead?" or something like that. There was an epic debate about that on the Xfire forums a year or so back
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Ok, I'm going to do the question:

"Do record companies make too much money off the artists work?"

Can anyone point me in the direction of a site or nice articles with information on this?

thanks again pit!
seriously, do something on brick walling, thats controversial


read up


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