I am currently tuned in C G C F and the standard size strings (45-105) are a bit loose for my comfort. I was wondering if I invested in thicker strings, this would tighten them up, right?

Also, the heavier the better. Could I theoretically purchase a set of 5 strings with gauge such as 45-130 and use the heavier 4 strings, not using the .45 for the smallest string?
I wouldn't recommend a 5-string pack. The EAD strings would be too tight when tuned up to GCF. However, heavier gauge would help alot, yes. The heavier the better, yes.
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Could you possibly recommend a good set of strings? I've been looking, and I don't know if anything comes heavier then 45-110 and I dont know if that is heavy enough? I have only owned standard strings and then I purchased DR 45-105, which were nice, but too loose as I said before. Thanks.
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Which stings are floppy? You could try the B string from a 5 set and the ADG strings.

EDIT: Look at Rotosound heavy swing bass 66's. They're amazing.
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meh i bought them coz there the heaviest set i could find in my town, and i play drop C and there nice and tight.

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