yeah, the live version of Unintended Muse did at wembley on H.A.A.R.P. I would really like someone to tab that cause I can't get it at all.
thanks in advance
I haven't got time to tab it out right now, but the intro is the first half of "Etude #6 by Leo Brouwer" but with a capo on 5, otherwise exactly the same, you can find a tab of that somewhere on the internet, google it.

The rest, chords go:

Capo: 5

A - Dm - G - C - F - E7

with the same picking pattern as the original pretty much, just listen to it a few times.

Basically, he's just transposed it to play with a capo, makes it brighter and, frankly, nicer, but it's the same chords as before.

Hope that made sense...