Hey. Guess what.

Most users ever on UG at the same time? 3076
When? TODAY!!

Pretty cool eh?
Ever been any other times when you knew you were in history in the making?

You only have one lifetime. USE IT!!!

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The number of pit-monkeys is slowy increasing...

Prove it, wise-guy
I are teh new pit monkey!!!1!!111!!one!!!!!111

Seriously, i <3 the pit. it's a good way to waste some time other than the guitar.
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I stuck my dick in a cactus. True story.

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Prove it, wise-guy

Alright, I lied...

The number of pit-monkeys is QUICKLY increasing

That's not really that unusual to be honest, I notice it happening frequently as there is always a small increase, and is not like I spend much time here so Idk, maybe I've been here at the right times for that!