I'm looking to do some recording over the summer and i need a new keyboard because my yamaha is fried..

I'm looking for something that'll "look nice in the living room" most likely an electric piano
- I'm thinking about getting a Williams. I wanted something with alot of different voices for recording and what not. And the Williams Symphony Console Digital Piano seemed like a perfect fit.

Does any one have any experience with elecrtric pianos or this one in particular that could give me any advice or feedback?

My budgets 1000 dollars and im looking for an electric piano with several voices. and hey, maybe an electric piano isnt what im looking for, maybe i have no idea what im looking for

also im looking to get something nice so that I'm not going to have to buy another one. im not an advanced player or anything but I'd be willing to go up to 1300 for something thatll last.

feedback is appreciated

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change the font please, too hard to read.

anyway, just look around, try some out, without know what style you play, or what sounds your looking for its kinda hard to know what to suggest.

i would go with a williams like you said http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Williams-Symphony-Elite-Digital-Piano?sku=701012
but if you want something more versitle, but less classic looking try this
its alittle more than your budget, but it should sound great.