So, I've recently acquired a desire to purchase heavier gauge strings. Why? For a better tone, and a better feel. I've never really owned any higher than 10's, but now want to move up to something thicker, like maybe 12's or 13's...

The point is, I don't know too much about heavier gauge acoustic strings. (Not too much about light ones either).

I've also got decent finger strength, I've been playing for about 4 years. So as someone who wants to enter the world of heavy gauge strings, I am hoping for some guidance, tips, anything. Specific Brands, or anything else you can contribute.


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Try using some 11's. When you're used to them, and if you need to, upgrade to 12's.
I use 12's on my acoustic, since I rarely have to do bends. Sounds awesome. Really rich.
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For my electric i usually buy a heavier gauge for my low strings and a lighter gauge for my high strings.

I agree with the other guys saying not to jump gauges. I also slowly moved up with my acoustic.
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