I was thinking maybe I would need something to help the clean tone since the clean tone sounds alittle empty, and maybe something to help solos from sounded less empty. Would an equalizer solve that problem? Also how much of a differance is a flange to a phaser, i already own the phaser and they both seem very similar to me.
chorus or a nice delay
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for my clean tone i switch it up with a chorus, a sitar emulator, my wah (which also helps out solos), and even some reverb. if i blend it right, i can run all four at once and get a pretty creppy sound that works wonders for an intro. only thing is when the intro is done, i have to tap dance on my pedal board to turn everything off and switch to my overdrive channel and throw in my overdrive pedal too
i love a good chorus pedal. i didn't have the cash for one so i got an old dod one off ebay for 15usd after shipping lol. it works and sounds great
Well, you could try using whatever overdrive unit you have to get a clean boost. Might work.

Also, yeah, a delay of some sort.
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Barber eq It has three different voicing plus it really sounds stellar.
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Or you could not buy a pedal and turn up your mids a little? I say this assuming you scoop your mids. And while you dont need to turn them up high, Id bumping them back to 4 or even leveling them out can fill out your sound quite a bit.

EDIT: Statements are made assuming ten is the highest your amp goes and 5 is level.
i would try a chorus or a delay. chorus can sound very nice on cleans, but i dont know how much it will do for solos. delay will be very nice on solos, and can add a bit of depth to cleans. an eq could help both, but would need different settings for each.
Delay FTW. It's a necessity.
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I do have a delay but I feel like I overuse it on my solos and and clean. I'm curious If I could get more out of an eq, also ot just change the clean bt can do alittle to the distortion, I have a big muff.
Delay is great for adding depth to leads. But there's nothing like chorus for beefing up cleans. i've recently rediscovered my Danelectro chorus, and I have enough faith in its tone to put it on my pedalboard. Great for the price.
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Kensai, I think I'll get a flamboyant sig.

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*sigh* What's with all the modulation effects? Chorus, Flanger, Phaser!? What.... Those change your clean tone; if it happens to do it in a way that you find pleasing, so be it.

For clean tones I suggest:
Compressor (Sustain, sustain, sustain)
Delay (repeat, repeat, repeat)
Tremolo (quiet-loud-quiet-loud etc)

Or you could just get a Fender or Vox tube amp.
radio muse has a very valid point... if you wanna beef up your cleans, id personally go for a compressor. As for solo boost - boss eq pedal.


Most chorus pedals do help presence (they exagerate the frequencies around 3kHz that bring a sound forward in the mix) , so that's what I'd suggest.