So me and LP have been talkin about building some geetars. He finished his tele thin-line kahler thing, and by finished i mean cut it and the neck in half (the final product didn't meet his specifications lollll. the neck pickup was slightly crooked, he was pretty piussed about that, returned his template and the guy sent him a new one and gave him some other ones for free. the joint on the maple top didnt go well together on the bottom side, and that started to show through when he was finish sanding, so he cut it in half on the resaw).

So we are going to be making a PRS shaped guitar. 6 in line headstock (think Washburn RS-10v), Two humbuckers, PRS tremolo or maybe a kahler/floyd rose, set neck style with a few original mods to the design.

As for the top wood, we have a piece of beautiful birds eye maple with some big huge rippled curls in it, its 1 inch thick and 40 inches long... no book match, we are going to cut it at 20'' and join it so its roughly the same grain pattern, theres no real big figures to match, so it will be good. We are likely going to carve the top with a CNC machine and an angle grinder/orbital sander, but might break it down old fashioned. as far as pickups... probably duncan 59's, something big and fat. As for the back wood, we have a choice of walnut, or a very strangely figured mahogany, none of the people weve shown it to have ever seen anything like it. its nothing incredible looking, so it will make a good back wood.

The neck will be an angled headstock, and will be maple - mahogany/walnut - bubinga - mahogany/walnut - maple. the maple for the neck is perfectly quartersawn extremely curly maple We are likely going to do a locking nut, or a roller nut with locking tuners. its just a real pain in the tits to make a roller nut have a radius.

ill take pictures of the wood tomorrow, its gluing up in the shop we are using.
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pics of wood?
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I would also like to see the lumber.

some pictures of SOME of my lumber... =]

Some spalting maple... 7 inches wide, 2 1/4 thick, 8 foot long.

my birdseye curly sugar maple piece

Heres my birdseye on top of 3 8-10 foot long 9/4 maple boards.

The mahogany was gluing up, ill surface it tomorrow, glue my birdseye on top, and rough cut, etc.
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Love the wood. I can't wait to see it down after seeing LP's tele build.

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