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If you had your way, which time would you travel back to? I think I'd want to go back to the Classical Age or Renaissance, but I'm a little afraid of either getting killed by Spartans or catching the plague
1920's, that would just be outright hilarious. <3
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The Roaring Twenties, mainly for the racketeering.
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1960's for music or 1980's for music
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I would just go to like the 80's and experience a musical culture i think half of us lust after today
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I would just go to like the 80's and experience a musical culture i think half of us lust after today

I'd join you!
20's bro. The Rat Pack, speakeasies, raqueteering, can it get any better?
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Denny Crane.

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hot caveman sex..hah! that would be some ridiculous bush right there
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hot caveman sex..hah! that would be some ridiculous bush right there

Hey now, this is no time to be picky!
Probably Rome during it's Republic golden age. Or 4th century BCE Athens. Or be part of the Mongol Golden Horde. Or maybe just go back to Iron Age Eastern Europe.
Going really far into the future would probably be a very bad idea.

Not only would everything freak you the hell out but that's some time for diseases to evolve too. The common cold to the people of the future would be like... AIDS or the plague to someone from now.

The past might not be as bad but... it doesn't mean it wouldn't suck any less

But I don't think I would go to any different time period. It looks like the choices I'd get are getting mauled by dinosaurs, getting mauled by Spartans, getting mauled by hot cavewoman sex, getting mauled by knights/ other well known medieval figures, or get mauled by crazy future diseases that will melt my face off.

Sounds like fun
Id get high in the 70s maaaaan!
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hands down, visit the counter culture in '67 san fran haight-ashbury.

if not, second best right here.
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Id get high in the 70s maaaaan!
I would go back in time ten minutes, so I could fight myself and see who would win.

That would be pretty awesome.
Life is underrated.

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That's like saying you got cancer that comes with AIDS.
id love to be put into the 60's blues scene, with my guitar skills which are pretty basic, but would probably seem amazing to SRV and hendrix, and have my memory of whats happened so i could predict the future and also invent stuff, that i know has already been invented
1993, stop my parents from concieving my sister. That biatch has been nothing but trouble. And it won't stop them from loving her for who she is, it'll just mean she will never exist.
...I don't know how well that would work out fassa.
I'd go to the 80's so I could experience the good rock bands (not hair metal) that are all old now.
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The past to chill with the Flintstones.

And the future to hang out with the Jetsons.
The '90s but at the age I am now. When I was living in the '90s I was too young to go to a lot of shows and get involved with the awesome emo, pop punk, and indie scenes. It would be so awesome going to New Brunswick in the '90s and seeing Lifetime in their early stages.
I'm the same as I was when I was six years old
And oh my god I feel so damn old
I don't really feel anything
um.. biblical times... so i could chill with jesus and join his gang.
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