im learning Simple Man by Skynyrd, and ive almost mastered the rest of the song, but im stuck on the solo, ive read the tabs, but i still don't understand, its not quite there, im not sure if im playing it wrong, or what. so im just asking for help on it, or if i should even worry about the solo right now and just move onto another song (i thought it would be better to learn the whole song though) so if anyone has any advice id be glad to hear it.
Is there a certain part of the solo that you're having trouble with in particular?
no not really, i can play it decently, its just not sounding right, like the tone is all off, so im just wondering if i should tune different, or if they used some effects im not aware of, or something, i havent went through the whole thing, but i cant get the tone correct
As long as you are in the same tuning as them standard, or what ever they use i think standard, the rest comes down to your amp and how its EQd and how you want your sound to be, you wont be able to mirrior the sound exactly unless you get the same guitar, amp, and copy the levels the particular guitarist uses.
unless ur reading it from an official tab book, the tabs could be wrong
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from what I remember, alot of that solo is harmonized (two guitars)

you should learn to use tab as a guide line, but really try to use your ears. Listen not only for notes but for bends, pull offs and other techniques.

this may seem hard at first, but you will get better at it. good luck.
alright, thanks for the advice, that harmonzied idea didn't occur to me, ill see what i can do.