Hey guys I got high one day and wrote this about a girl.Tell me what you think about it.

Just another thing I wrote.Let me know what ya think about it.

So much sadness. So many tears.Somebodies got to know how it is.Weve all been bleedin for years.

So just tell me why. If you know how it is help me out dont make me cry.Cuz if your bleedin to were both dien inside.

You wont let anyone help you.
I cant make you see. So if you know how it is why do this to me?

I hoped,I wished youd help me stop the pain.But you havent you just made the tears fall like f***in rain.

I cant stand the thought.I dont wanna give up on you to.
But since the start of this you pushed me down further. Im almost posotive I dont matter to you.

Youve slit my throat.Youve cut my wrists.Whenever I think of you i start to get pissed.

But then I think back to the smile you had.Then all this s*** just makes me sad.

You dont want or need my help thats what you say.But your dien to.Only Iv died every day.

So will you care when im finally gone.Probabley not.But I feel like it wont be long.
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...I'm speechless. Wrong forum by the way.
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LOL ! muther fuker i was gonna say that LOL!