So i have a 6505+ and a hush super c and i was just curious how i should run it through the head. should i hook it up through the effects loop? or direct into the guitar and input in the amp?

and also should i use speaker cables when running anything through the effects loop? or should i use instrument cables? cuz i know your supposed to use speaker cable to go to the cab but i dont know about the rest
You use instrument cables for everything except the cab. And, try the hush in both places to see what works better.
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alright. i havnt actually recieved the hush yet. lol. i just ordered off the net the other day and should be gettin it soon. but i plan on testin on both.

but thanks for the info on the cables. i was clueless about the effects loop
Run the HUSH Super C in the effects loop. It is not meant to run in front of the amp. I run one in the loop of my Bugera, and used it on my old Randall RH-100 as well. It works wonders. Do not set the HUSH knob higher than about 1/3 of the way up of it will significantly mess with your tone

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