Tomorrow I will be given an essay on 1 of 2 subjects revolving around TKaM
Loss of Innocence and how Mother Figures play a role
If anyone who has a book handy could provide page numbers to either of these, the help wpuld be apprieciated.
Theres already a huge thread somewere on TKAM, just use the search bar.

EDIT:And why the hell do we need to look for them? shouldn't you be?

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First off, I am looking and I was seeing if anyone on here was familiar with it ... on the other hand ... it's the Pit. so yes, it was kind of a crap shoot. Oh well
How weird, I'm working on my To Kill A Mockingbird project right now. I could probably give you page numbers for specific things.
I loved that book. Atticus used "To kill a mockingbird" as a metaphor when he was talking to his kids. Atticus told Jem and Scout not to shot mockingbirds because they didn't do anything but give them pretty songs to listen to. Then Scout connected that to the conviction and killing of Tom Robinson and how it was unjust and that he didn't anything to anybody.


Mother figures would be Calpurnia and Miss Maudie because they taught Scout and Jem a lot of things through they're childhood. Calpurnia with manners and such, and Miss Maudie with other stuff. Sorry, i haven't read the book in over a year.

Loss of Innocence would be throughout the whole book. Scout begins to grasp a more adult view on the world as the book goes on. She has faith in human goodness but when she gains that more adult view, she learns to appreciate the goodness in humans, but doesn't ignore the evil that man also has.

Some of the loss of innocence I kinda gathered from Spark notes, but i hope that helps.
You know what I just found out an hour ago? I finally understand why Jem gets freaked when Mr. Dubose gives him the camelia flower - I read that they were symbolic for the KKK; remember how she called Atticus a (n-word) lover? or something like that...

Edit: TS, I found a TKMB e-book, just pm me if you want the link.