Hey....noobie question BUT---- i orderd an Ibanez Iceman ICT700 from toronto so i could try it lol....was j\w if it was a good guitar worth buying. haha ty
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Are you..... serious??
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Wait... you ordered a guitar JUST to try it out?

Am I missing something, or were you dropped on your head as a child?

And for the record, I've never played one, but spec wise they look awesome. I have tried the XPT700 and it's a solid guitar. Plus, those D-Activators are simply amazing.
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ah...Typed it out wrong lol...i was at the store wanting an iceman and the dude told me i should order one to try it out because they r not a very good guitar O_o and if i liked it to buy it.....wich i plan on doing and was j\w if it was worth buying
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I have one, but I dropped it because my guitar strap is a pansy and now I need to fix it somehow. They are pretty bad ass.

But, get a coffin case, they don't fit in regular ones. It's annoying.
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I would love to try one, the spec sheet looks pretty damn nice and I really like the iceman shape.
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WELL it came in today but im gunna w8 till tomorrow cause the guy who orderd it was sick today....but holy **** it is amazing lol
I played the ICT700 and its amazing but... keep a couple of things in mind, first its made in Indonesia and the quality build is just not as u expect of Ibanez guitars, also by paying the same price, maybe a bit more, u can get one of RGs prestige which is the best guitars u can find anywhere (putting it simply, if ur buying the ICT700 you'll end up payin more money for the design and not the quality or playability, while you can go for other models where you put your money worth in the sound and quality build of the guitar). i suggest u take a look at the RG 1570 prestige if the shop has it.
The Iceman is a killer guitar. Its really made for live preformances, as you will be able to tell when you get it. A famous guitarist, Paul Stanley of Kiss, played the alluring Ibanez Iceman PS10 Custom Paul Stanley model, with a mirror pick guard. Have fun with your guitar, but next time, read a review first.
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to everyone who has reading issues he HASNT BOUGHT IT YET. he's going to try it out.
i have a 'white guitar'