i buy a peavey practice amp from MF on march 31. it says it is backordered until march 31. no problem, i say. i check the next day and it now says it's backordered until april 4. no big deal. i check back april 4 and it says it's backordered until april 11. i'm mildly irked. april 11. backordered until april 14. i don't even want to check it tomorrow because i'm afraid i'll throw my laptop across the room.
yeah last time that happened to me it was because of a discontinued product too, but the site I ordered it from had a bunch of other orders for it so they had Gibson make a bunch of new ones (this was my SG)
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moral of the story: don't buy gear from MusiciansFriend

yeah, my friend ordered a new drum set off of there
and they sent him half of one lol
then he told them
and when they sent the other half, it was the wrong color
needless to say, that was his last time dealing with them