Hey new here (as you guys can tell) and I was looking at a new guitar, I have a Ibanez(rg series, two humbuckers and a single coil) which I got for free from my cousin. I've had it for awhile and im looking to upgrade. Now I'm looking at two gibsons. I'm "In a band" with one of my friends,Im supposedly the bassist, (I experiment with both but guitar is just too sweet.) We've yet to play though (some band huh) So anyway my style is rock/hair metal/light metal (nothing death or heavy) Im wondering what would be better for an upgrade, A gibson les paul studio or a Explorer. I've heard the pickups on a explorer have a little more bite to them as oppsed to a Les Paul. However les pauls are also more versatile from what I've heard. I'm also gonna grab a marshall amp, a couple stages up from a practice amp, I'm only fourteen so I cant piss my parents off too bad.

Opinions please and thank you
What guitar you get depends on what amp you're getting (which marshall exactly? there's a big difference between an MG and a REAL marshall)

What is your total budget including amp?
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If you can find a Gibby Les Paul Studio that is of good quality, then go for it, but make sure you take home the floor model that you tried out in the first place. Studios can be a real gamble. An Explorer would be a great choice as well. As for the amp, DON'T go cheap when it comes to Marshalls. They really aren't good at all when you get below $1000 new. Also keep in mind that the amp composes most of your tone, not the guitar, so a general rule of thumb is that the amp should never cost less than the guitar. Especially when it's a Gibson.
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Budget? And you're most likely gonna get ripped into for going with Marshall... Although, it would be better than anything I have.

And what does age have to do with pissing off your parents? I know people that have been doing that their whole lives.
Well I just meant I cant be playing incredibly loudly, But anyway I'm (obviously) willing to pay the grand for a gibson. But I was looking at getting something thats not HUGE or expensive but not a toatal peice of garbage amp, that I can switch up styling with. I was also going, in a few days, to head to guitar center to try both out. I probably wont be getting either for a little while though.
I have a PRS SE EG that is pretty versatile, and I love to play. It's not ridiculously expensive, but it's a well made guitar. I've had no issues with it at all. It's S/S/H configuration was new to me at the time, but I've played around with it and can get some great sounds from it now. I also have an RG350EX, which sees most of my time playing distortion-filled songs, though. The PRS can sound pretty good, but it won't compare to my Ibanez.

Which RG-series guitar do you have? You may find you're not happy with the sound of other guitars compared to it, depending on what you're looking for. At least, not without spending a ton of money.
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