I am in need of a new amp. Please don't call me a noob for doing this, I actually plan on going and trying out the amps suggested in this thread. I play a lot of progressive hardcore and metalcore such as It Prevails, Shai Hulud, Life In Your Way. Prefferably a tube amp, unless it's an awesome SS. Anything big enough to do some gigs with; could mic it if I had to. No more than like $1000 USD.
I'm guessing cleans aren't much of a selling point for you? Peavey 6505's worth a look if that's the case. The ENGL Thunder's very nice as well and it's right at $1000. With the 6505, you might actually want to look at getting a head and a 2X12 cab used, since the speakers on the combo are notoriously crappy.
Cleans are pretty important but most of the time I just run my acoustic straight to the P.A. if I'm going to play clean.

EDIT: I was looking at maybe like a Peavey Valveking 100 Head with an Orange 2x12. Orange cabs sound amazing.
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