I'm a lead/rhythm guitarist looking for people to play some Guns n' Roses tunes with...hopefully then leading to original stuff.

My other influences include Led Zeppelin, early Aerosmith, The Stones, Cream, Pink Floyd, The Doors, etc. You get the idea. Blues/rock n' roll/hard rock.

I'm 20...would like inquiries to be around the same age, but I'm not too concerned.

Hit me up if interested.
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Forgot to mention, even if you're not a GNR fan, thats cool.

Classic rock/rock n roll...etc.
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I play music and stuff..
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Move to oklahoma and we shall dominate from there.

Shi t dude, I just read your classified ad too...same influences. Well if you're ever up here, hit me up. Peace.
I'd like to help you, but I'm no where near being able to play any GnR. Good luck, though.
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Still open to anyone interested.

Didn't mention this either, but its not like you have to be a guitarist. Drummers, singers, bassists work too, obviously.

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I'll pm you, I'm in Chicago...

Got it! Replied...

Still open to inquiries.