I pull your love towards me like a blade through my heart
I knew this would kill me, I knew it from the start
I can feel it so deep you will cause my death.
I can tell you fucking want me from the panting of your breathe.
I can see you look my way while you lick your crimson lips.
I see the way you are thinking you want to taste my kiss.
Right as I walk past, you blow smoke in my shit.
I know the fucking truth, your playing hard to get.
I walk up to you and look you in the eye.
You just gaze at me and softly touch my theigh.
We hold a fake laughter as your foot moves up my leg.
I'm not that fucking easy, get on your knees and beg.
You lead me up the stairs, leaving a view up your skirt.
You exoticly flaunt your ass, you are such a fucking flirt.
You close the door and then turn the lock.
You reach for my neck while you pull out my cock.
Our clothes come off as we hit the bed.
I kiss you all over until you turn red.
You scratch my back as I bite your lip.
It begins to bleed as I begin to lick.
You made my back red, its swollen and raw.
I start to blow air on you through my little straw.
I kiss your neck as you lick my ear.
Your cute little moans, I begin to hear.
You suck my tongue while I slip off your corset
Your breast and my hand have finally met.
Your tongue moves down my body as my nails move up yours.
Your oh so much better than all those other whores.
I flick your nipple while you suck my dick.
Your tongue runs up and down my big hard stick.
I tightly grab your ass as you swallow my sticky load.
I so cannot wait when my cock will soon be rode.
I move my tongue down to your hips.
I bite them hard just like your lips.
I slowly run my tongue over your swollen clit.
You fucking scream so loud as your g-spot is being hit.
You beg for me to fuck you and squeeze your fucking tits.
I beg for you to ride me and make sure it fucking fits.
I lay down while my cock stands up.
Your hole completely engulfs it like a banana into a cup.
You scream with fucking pleasure as I tear your body to shreds.
I want to make you scream more and make your pussy red.
You slowly get up off me and tell me to follow
She wants some more only this time, not slow.
Her ass in the air and her face to the ground.
I **** her so hard as my head spins around.
I'm very close to cumming as she screams for more.
She wants inside of her, inside her fucking core.
I give a few last pumps as my juice spews out.
She writes down her number, I know what this is about.
She gives me a little wink and softly says I love you.
I softly kiss her cheek right as i say you too.
And as she leaves the room she loudly says next week.
I'll be here on the double and even twice as sleek.
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Quote by ldzppln81
thats ****ed up

yeah... a little weird
can't say I like it too much either... but it's... intresting?
Um...Nice? idea, but some lines didn't flow very well. Also, some of the rhymes seemed a bit forced, as if you'd just got the line and were thinking of a random rhyme to go with it. Still, keep at it. Not bad.
This made me chuckle, this made me laugh, but unfortunately I will have to just report it so the mods know about this; we do have some young 'uns on here.

Some lines were laugh out loud though.