hey i need tubes and no more expensive than a valveking. im looking at the windsdor, i can deal with lack of clean just tell me what pedal to get. but is the valeking worth saving up for? any other recomended half stacks for under 900? i would appreciate it if the majority of the comments are from ppl who have owned them cus last time ppl just told me what looks cheap and what doesnt.
Valveking. Listen to the sound clips of it on here, they dont exactly show off all of its versatility, but they do to an extent. The ability to have a seperate EQ and channel for clean is definately a big plus.
I had the valveking and honestly, its tone sucked my dick so I sold it and got me a much cheaper, thousand times better-sounding fender blues junior and bought an overdrive pedal with the extra money. Also, be sure you really need a half-stack before you buy one.