my god that was prbably the funniest movie i have ever seen in my life!

especially if you are a johhny cash fan.

there are tons of people in that movie from the office, snl, exc.
they played jack black as paul mccartney and the mac rep. guy as george harrison.

there was alot of nudity on ot thought i was suprised.
there was one scene where he was just sitting and this big **** ust comes up right behind him uhhh it was gross.
there where also a lot of cool guitars in that movie.
mainly just gibsons but there were a bunch of martin acoustics which sounded great but uhhh yeah if you get a chance to see that movie, see it(im not advertising) it freakin hiarious.

especially jack white as elvis
check it out.
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there was one scene where he was just sitting and this big **** ust comes up right behind him uhhh it was gross

Sounds great.
Haha, Yeah. I saw it and loved it.

I'm downloading the DVD as we speak. 150 MB left.

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Loooked kind of stupid, but if the pit has good reviews for it... I might take a look.
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Yeah that movie is pretty funny, like how between the ages of 15 and 50 his appearance doesn't change at all.

And when he is playing catch with one of his sons and he's like "So how many brothers and sisters you got?" "26 brothers and sisters and 14 half-brothers/sisters" "Oh ****. this may take a while" something along those lines...

I also like how everytime he hears an inspiring group of words he turns it into a song...
I recommend it to fans of movies such as Anchorman, Dodgeball, and Talladega Nights. You may have to be in a stupid mood, but you will love it. All the songs are surprisingly good, and he's a surprisingly good singer.

. . .

Wrong Kid Died.
While looking at a guitar magazine with some friends.

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i thought it looked stupid, but i heard it was actually really funny. ill probably rent it sometime.
I saw this in the theater, and when I went I was the only person at the screening. Seriously.

Too many of the recurring gags ("The wrong kid died," "You're going to fail") just weren't funny at all, but I definitely laughed enough to mostly recommend it.

My favorite scenes were the Beatles meeting and his "Dylan-phase." I'd kind of like to check out the "unrated" cut, just to see if the material they took out was any good. Which I doubt.
that movie was the pinnacle of mundane

the zenith of mediocrity

the epitome of average

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Didnt that movie like completly fail at the cinema and get terrible reviews? No thanks.
I thought it would be terrible but it was the only decent thing on at the cinema at the time (I am legend wasn't on at the time we were going). Bloody hilarious.
funniest line in the movie....

the wrong KID died!

that old dude gets me every time

the part where he is playing catch and an asian kid is there "are you sure you're one of mine??"
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It was okay, I wouldn't say funniest ever but a good parody. It helps to have seen Walk The Line and Ray.