Well i just started workin on it a week ago or so, still kind of a n00b so it takes me a lil while to get em down, lol...just wonderin if this sounds like its on the right track timing, and what not-wise. Before i get too far doin it wrong. I need to work on the beginning sweep, its a off, but i pressed record then tried to do it, and then got behind at first so that didnt help, lol. As far as the backing drums, i recorded a drum cover of someones off youtube for the drums, and tried to find one with the quietest REAL song so it wouldnt be so noticeable. But in some areas u can hear it slightly. Thanks...oh and the singing, well i suck at it, lol..but figured id do it anyhow

http://profile.ultimate-guitar.com/shinedown98/ like i said i havent gotten to solos yet which will probably take me awhile, so just ignore the lil screwin around at end, lol
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