so im most likely going to be joining a band called IZNIT pretty soon
ill be on rhythm guitar and possibly vocals
the jam session is on saturday

thing is, ive never joined a band before
just started my own
any advice?
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yeah i just got in a band doing what you did

at first i didnt know what to think cuz the dude sent me a message over myspace and i was figuring he just wanted to jam or something and i didnt really want to go at first but i decided i had nothing else to do so i went and the next day he told me i made the band which was pretty cool because the one dude has been playing guitar for 5 years and i have only been playing 2

basically just go and jam and have fun
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i was invited over myspace too
the band is on an indie record label called twin fish i think.
Advice . . . . hmm.

Don't act like an ass.

Remember, you've been invited to be part of a group. Voice your opinion when it's called for, and don't let yourself be taken for granted, but at the same time, remember that you're there to be a part of the whole.

Humility is key.