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I play in front of millions!
7 13%
I play in front of few, sometimes.
37 66%
I play by myself, and that's it!
10 18%
I don't even play (but I'm on this forum).
2 4%
Voters: 56.
Any other people here not like playing in front of others?

I've been playing for about 2-3 years, and I still don't like playing in front of people, I sometimes play in front of my friends, but not that much, and usually less then 3 people. I usually play guitar to just relax. I have no problem showing people recordings of my playing though.. It's odd, but I'm just not comfortable playing in front of lots of people.

Anyone else not like playing in front of people?
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I play in front of friends and acquaintances at any time. No inhibitions there.

On stage, it depends entirely upon the crowd.
I don't enjoy playing in front of people. I get nervous and I feel my face turning red. I also tend to play worse because of my shaking.

Alone, I'm much better.
Could there be an option between a few and millions? That's where most people are going to fall in (talents shows, small gigs, etc).
Quote by Green RATM Day
I don't enjoy playing in front of people. I get nervous and I feel my face turning red. I also tend to play worse because of my shaking.

Alone, I'm much better.

its all about getting use to playing infront of ppl
i started when i was ilke 6 in church choir and stuff and it made me crazy nervous
u eventually get use to it.... now i have no problem
try playing in front of the mirror, then you'll get used to someone looking at you, or play for friends or family, that might also help
to TS. when i had been playing for 2-3 years i didnt like it as much either because i wasnt as confident in my skills as i am now. but i love it now. in front of a crowd i still get butterflys but its a good sensation. i usually have two beers to loosen up and just have fun, you have to remember thats probably why you started playing guitar, because it was fun, let other people enjoy what you are doing
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Quote by Timothym
Could there be an option between a few and millions? That's where most people are going to fall in (talents shows, small gigs, etc).

It's just a general choice, it doesn't literally mean millions, it means that you play gigs in front of crowds in general.
I can play guitar in front of people and it doesn't bother me, but singing is a whole nother story. I'm scared to death of singing in front of people for some reason.
I can honestly say I have really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like.

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the more people i play for, the more comfortable i am.
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Bob Dylan sometimes wouldn't face the crowd

Mitch Hedberg had awful stage fright

Jim Morrison had cripplingly bad stage fright at times, and it got worse as his career progressed

its normal, most people get over it, some don't but still face it.

you can get over it though, just have confidence in yourself

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I used to be nervous....being forced to play guitar at Thanksgiving dinner pissed me off bad. Then I did a talent show, some other stuff, and discovered how fun it was, following a "meh **** it" type of attitude. Now I'm itching to play out again.
i get shy and nervous and stuff, but all i do to get better is introduce myself, and tell the audience that i'm nervous as hell, which usually gets a laugh and relaxes me. and then i play an easier and cool sounding song (in my case big sur moon), to grab their attention and get in the mood, and that helps me get over it. then i go play for millions.
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Yea i play at my church and its no biggie. But its weird i get nervous when i only play in front of a couple people.
I find it easier to play in front of a larger crowd than it is to play in front of friends. I usually end up wondering what my friends think of my playing more than a crowd, if the crowd is big enough they don't care what you play as long as it's in key and on time.
Happily played in bands to 100's of people (500 was the most i ever played to) never got nervous. Ask me to play in a guitar shop and i break down.

Hate playing in a guitar store infront of other players despite the fact i'm a good player. I guess its a crowd judges your bands sound, a guitar shop customer will judge your playing, tone, choice of song/riff etc tc. hate it so much haha
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Before the show and right before we play, i am nervous as hell, but after we get started, i don't care. I'm just gonna rock out.
i used to get kinda nervous but my friend broke me of it once at his family's house he hands me the guitar and said play and they all came in there out of nowhere so now i don't care to play in front of people i've never played for a crowd yet tho
i can play on stage in front of an infinite number of people, and do stage dives with my guitar and everything

but the second im playing guitar alone with like 2 strangers i get nervous XD
no joke
I don't mind playing while people are around, but I hate "performing" for people. Last week, my grampa came to my house and told me to "play him something." I had no idea what to play.