Wow. Both Missed the boat and Dashboard sound wonderful. Perfect. Nice Job. How did you do the drums, loops, or downloaded the MIDI?
The instrumental part was all good. You captured their sound well. Dashboard is one of my favorite songs by modest mouse (and there one of my favorite bands) and ive always thought of it as kind of a pick-me-up because of the sound. You changed the vocals and made them lower and i thought that hurt the song. Though, you made it your own and i thought you did quite well.


freshtunes: Thanks =). I did the main drums with a couple garageband loops, and recorded some of the simple beats with a built-in drum kit.

Trig: Yeah now that you mention it the vocals are low, Im going to work on some better ones. A lot of Modest Mouse's awesomeness is Isaacs incredible/unique voice, which kind of makes for a tough cover lol. Thanks for the crit, Im checking your post out now.