Me and my buddy recorded all the tracks, and we're pretty happy with it. We're using a bass sim right now, as we don't have a real bassist yet, but hopefully that'll be resolved soon. Should be the second song on there. If you like our stuff, feel free to add us!

EDIT: just moved Don't You Know up on the playlist, should play automatically now
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i listened to "dont you know" and i have to say its pretty freaking awesome.

listened to the weakest, and honestly i didnt like the whole growly screaming thing, everything was awesome, especially the part with the backing vocals.

i'm also gonna add you on myspace bro....lol
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lol, yeah, we're getting rid of the screams. Already have the new backups recorded, just havn't put everything back together yet. I just put up a blog entry about it, actually. Thanks for the add, i just accepted you .
Youre music is definately not my style...That being said I think it is very well executed. The vocal harmonies work well together and it sounds like something that I could easily hear on a random radio station. Very accessable. Good job man. Keep working at it.
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