Well just cleaning out some old gear and decided to sell some stuff to fund my new bass build so here it is. Dont be afraid to throw up a offer

KAY customs kasino: smaller size body and only one pickup (great if you looking for a project). It's a little rough around the edges but it still plays. really all it needs is some strings and mabey a paint job. $50.00+shipping OBO

Digitech death metal pedal: If you want a dirty grinding distortion pedal this is a must have. so adjustable and so much potential $30.00+shipping

Fender SP-10: nice little ten watt amp, it was my first, has treble bass and volume knobs and a pick holder on the back $40.00+shipping OBO

Hot Rail pickup: this is a nice rail style pickup, high output plenty of punch and four wire for coil tapping ill let it go for $30.00+shipping

Paypal is preferred but I will accept money orders.
Whats the hotrails from?

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