This is a simple question that the internet doesn't want to give to a straight answer to. Is it possible to get mounting rings for mini-humbuckers that fit to a regular humbucker route?

I've only ever seen them for p-90 slots but I'm hoping they exist.
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Uh... probably. I'm pretty sure the normal humbucker rings will work, albeit you'll have huge gaps at the top and bottom.

Just get a P-100, it's almost the same thing tone wise.
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No the minihumbuckers are a thing all their own unfortunatly and why they arent so popular. The rings dont really screw down like humbuckers, they use the the pickup to sort of clamp things down. And no they dont fit in humbuckers holes without gaps or making a ring to fit them.
To be perfectly honest, pickup rings aren't exactly difficult to fabricate. You should be able to obtain wood of a suitable thickness at any home improvement store, then all you need is a saw, a drill, some sandpaper, and some paint. My brother and I used to make humbucker sized single coil rings for experimentation purposes. I don't think it ever took us longer than an hour to make one.
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