i know the rg2ex1 has a very fast neck and decent pickups for $300. but how quick is the f-250's neck? it has good reviews though...if it's as fast i won't mind paying $119 more for looks
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I have the ESP f-250, so my thoughts are biased but here are my views anyway.

The guitar is really comfortable, plays really nicely with the XJ frets, and sounds really good distorted. The guitar feels immaculate, the set in neck, the inlays, the fretboard. it radiates class.

in conclusion? plays better, sounds better, better quality and i would say go for the ESP, its more of a advanced guitar rather then the RG2EX1 which still feels like a first guitar.

But hey, i might be wrong. Try them both out at your local music store.
Just bought the F-250 today, its really good, the pickups, although they're passive, are real responsive, good feel too. Cleans aren't THAT great but i have my good ol' Gibson Les Paul for that.
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I have the RG3EX1, which I think is the exact same guitar, except that it's got the quilted maple top and shark tooth inlays. I love how the guitar plays and sounds. I'm far from an expert, but I find the fretboard to be more comfortable and easier to play than my MIM Strat. The pickups have a full rich sound, but you can EQ your amp to give them a thinner single-coil type of sound. Once EQ'd the cleans are just as nice as the single coil pickups on my Strat. It doesn't have that chimey sound that a clean LP with alnico pickups has, but if you want a fuller tone, it does a great job. It's got ample sustain too... way more than my Strat. With the neck-thru design and real EMG pickups, that ESP probably has even more of that nice throaty tone and sustain, though that could take away from the clean sound if you want something ultra-clean.