Does anyone have any experience with this pedal? I can get it for around $80, is it worth it to get this over any other overdrive pedals I can get in this price range?
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$80 sounds reasonable, but it's not that great of a pedal. It's packed with a bunch of Boss and other distortion/OD stompbox models, but they all sound very dry and sterile. What amp do you have?
I bought one its not a terrible pedal. It has an attack knob and a heavy octave which can be handy at times. And the 4 memory settings is useful. I dont use it as a distortion anymore. It was a bit sterile with my tube amp. I run split off my chorus pedal in my effects loop. I have a old bass amp with a bad preamp. So I use the OD20 to drive the amp. With the memory settings I can add a octave etc or fuzz to complement my tube amp. Almost stereo but not quite. It can be a bit battery hungry with the AA batts. But for 80 bucks wouldnt be a bad deal. Better than buying all those pedals.
its a great pedal, id rate it a 9/10. and $80 is a great deal. you wont find it much cheaper than that, unless its in ****ty condition or the seller is an idiot. for anyone else that has it, whats your favorite setting comb. to use? i have like a million for different effects i like
I got mine for $99 18 months ago and I love it. It has fairly good by-pass as well. What I liked about it was I could expierience all those Boss pedals without investing so much.

To get the most out of this one, lean less on the overdrive to start with and "sneak up" on the tone you are looking for. Some automatically go to 10 with the overdrive and that kills some of the models for sure.

If nothing is wrong with it, I'd definately go for it