first off is utter kkk styled racism allowed on ug? read the comments on this:

ok so for all the people who dont get why we tab rap songs:
A) they really good practice for tabbing because theyre so simple they give you an easier place to start as opposed to most rock songs
B) though theyre simple, u can off take them and morph them into a good soloing practice because it usually retains its 4 chord melody
C) this site is called UG, not Ultimate metal guitar, the guitar is awesome because its used by so many different styles of music
Problem is, UG attracts a lot of metalheads and a lot of the more immature ones go around saying Rap sucks to fit in with their friends.
Personally I don't mind it. But its weird, you would only find these tabs if you look for them. Which implies that the people commenting **** about it obviously are looking for things to bitch about.
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