I don't know what type of song this is... and last time someone got mad at me for calling it rock, lol, so I will label it everything it could relate too.

Anyways - I really, really like the recording quality of this song. I just bought my monitors and my MOTU 828MK3 ... so this is the first recording on it.

Listen on my profile (full length / full quality) OR myspace.com/foundyesterday (shorter version)

Thanks for the comments and I will get back to you (it may take some time but I try not to forget)

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holy crap dude. that was awesome, very good professional quality.
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MOTU 828mk3
and that's it - I run a Ozone to make the levels as loud as professional mixes.

Thanks for the comments any thing I need to fix around - is the ending to long?
This is good. I like the electric guitars how they are clean and not to distorted... that makes it sound more bluesy in a way.... Good job!
All your songs are awesome and have great recording quality. Please add me to your friends.
Thanks ... I would like some feedback on the song itself tho - My recording gear may be great but how is the actual song - fogetting how the recording sounds?

Anyways hope I get some good reviews - oh and I have no problem adding you - but wouldn't it be easier for you to add me since I do not know your myspace?
Great job man I listened to them all and they where all good but I really liked This Journey it stood out from the rest to me. Lyrically and musically, is that your whole CD on your profile or do you have more songs?

Edit: Nevermind I just checked out your Myspace you've got alot of great songs man I'm suprised you haven't been signed yet, have you looked into or are you just happy doing your own thing?
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Disregarding the great recording quality, I think it's a good song, you've got a smooth voice, and the actual production is pro, solid acoustic and electric guitar backing. The lyrics are good, not the kind of lyrics I really like, as in there's nothing exciting there, but they're coherent and flow well.
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Dude, you want my opinion on the song?

If I saw this music video on MTV, I wouldn't be even remotely surprised. This song is practically asking to be shot directly on top 40 radio. Whether that's what you're going for or not, it's REALLY freakin' good. I mean, I can't think of ANYTHING wrong right now. I mean, MAYBE the end's too long, but come one, if that's the only problem...

It's awesome.

Crit back.
This song has a nice upbeat feel to it. I wouldn't say the lyrics are "blah," just rather simple...but it works with this style. It's really easy to relate to, so I assume it would appeal to a wide range of people. The quality is really great, as usual. The harmonies all really good, really well placed. I don't have anything to complain about...but it will be interesting to see songs that are a bit deeper...perhaps darker. I listened to Fights a while ago, and enjoyed that one as well.

comment me, eh?
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Well thanks ... The lyrics are a bit - blah and I have really got to work on that - I am writing a song right now that I think goes a bit deeper with lyrical meanings.

I agree with anOnyMouSanIe, the lyrics may seem "blah" to the creator of the song, but in all honesty, the simplicity of the lyrics goes rather well with the song. Nothing saying you can't go deep, but a lot of people like this kind of thing.
Hmm well thank you - I appreciate the comments! And I need to something deeper (possibly darker - but I think I want to go even farther upbeat trying for a heavy sound that follows this same pattern - like Gomez has anyone heard of gomez?? ) Anways thanks for the comments

wow the recording quality is really amazing ... the only think i would maybe change is to put the guitar not that hard to the left side because in my opinions it sounds a bit as if the whole song came from the left side ... is this a really drumkit or did you use an emulator? ... the issues in the lyric ok it wuite a bit superficial but that was mentioned before, but i also have to say compared to other things of this genre (which i can't really define neither) are far more incohesive , personally it's not really my kind of music but i think for someone who likes this kind of music this is an frickin amazin good song

feel free to also crit my new song in my profile

well done guy best wishes for the future i think this is kind of music that will be played in radio some day
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Thanks for the constructive comments yes I try and pan a lot of everything but I don't want it sounding wishy washy.... this is a drum kit what is an emulator? thanks for the positive words tho

Your song reminds me of a song already I cant think of which one... your vocals seem a bit dragged and monotonous but keep trying and it will be better - the flute is good maybe a bit much as it is by itself if you flew it in there with some violins it would flow a lot more.