Has anyone tried it? I have $60 and don't know if I should keep saving or spend it on GTA IV haha. It looks and sounds pretty nice. Any opinions are appreciated :-)

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Well if you think it sounds nice then get it. We aren't the ones using it.

I personally think the pedal isn't too great, the sweep isn't too wide and it just doesn't fit for me. I still like it, probably not as much as I used to though.

Check out the Vox V848 though. Great wah.
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if you look at the ultimate wah thread (search wah) it has a lot of good input. consideres the ZW wah one of the worst
don't let ur third piece of gear be as dissapointing as ur first two. i think if ur gonna get a wah, get urself a really reputable solid one. if ur all about metal, get an ibanez weeping demon or maybe Morley bad horsie. if you love some hendrix type old school wah, funk wah, rock and 80s metal type wah, i would suggest the Vox V847A.

as far as Dunlops go, the Slash Signature is a big craze around here and for good reason too.
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