i'm working on a project guitar and i can't decide whether to paint it or what to do with it. my parents suggested taking comic book pages and some kind of sealer or lacquer to get the pages to stick to the body. is this possible? i thought it was a cool idea but i don't know how it would be accomplished. any help?
this is possible if you somehow get the pages to stick to the body without warping the pages. then, you should do about two coats of sealer to keep the pages from ripping over a period of time.

this sounds pretty rad dude, best of luck
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Also i would do some tests on some smooth sanded plywood until you are sure you can get it nice and flat. Becuse am sure its going to be no fun geting it off your guitar if you make a mistake.
maybe try some spray adhesive or something that wont soak the paper too much. you know how when you try to glue paper with pva, it can make the paper curl or go soggy...
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