thomas, the lead singer, did two crowd dives
for both he jumped like right on top of me
and the first i had my hands up to catch him like everyone else and he jumps and his f***ing crotch lands right on my hand. i was like omg yesssssssssss best guitar player ever ( for his age at least ) just jumped his crotch onto me

chiodos and protest the hero were there aswell

chiodos f***ing ruled
protest the hero....not so much
every song sounded exactly like the one before it
i was like ?????

/ \
/ _ \
I read your post and
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Sounds to me like those balls landing in your hand is the best thing that's happened to you.

You should probably get tested for homosexuality.
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This is the funniest thing i've ever read on UG.
lespaulrocks39, you sir are awesome.
i gonna go see fall of troy in may and i wish protest the hero was still with them cause they're sick. dude if you can't tell the difference in protest the hero songs you are retarted. so intricite and awesome!!!

and i guess chiodos would be cool even though their singer is annoying
wait you said ANOTHER band's songs sounded all the same... and you weren't talking about chidos or the fall of troy?
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Saw them on Friday, and wasn't expecting much but they were pretty awesome. I was there for Protest the Hero though, and it was the greatest.

Except I dont like Chiodos at all.
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**** though it was sucha killer show. fall of troy was really good, and protest was one of the best live bands ive ever seen, bar none, rody walkers hilarious.
chiodos was, well.... emo, lets just leave it at that
Iwas that one dude in the Cephalic Carnage shirt. damn straight
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