I wrote this. It's strange, slightly confusing and I realize it needs editing. Read it and try not to get lost. It needs to get the kinks worked out of it, but if I tried to make it exactly true to the style, it would take forever and probably make less sense than it already does. C4C.

You and I are nouns, literally speaking.

We like to say we’re people, but we’re actually things.

Things live in a corporately-run world, which is a place.

Places just happen to be nouns.

People, places and things: the first no longer exists.

The second could be anywhere in the world; how vague.

The third can however substitute the first.

“To do” and “to ignore” are verbs.

Nouns use verbs to describe actions.

Things, which are nouns, do nothing but sit back and watch.

“Sit” and “watch” happen to be verbs; relevant verbs, at that.

Things are things — Things that take no actions.

Things would like to utilize verbs, but cannot.

This is due to adjectives, like “oppressed”, being thrust on things by pronouns.

Pronouns replace nouns. “They” would be a pronoun.

A problem; “you” and “I” are actually pronouns.

Aren’t “things” things, though?

Yes, and “they” don’t give a ****!

“**** you!” This is an interjection.

Occasionally, things like to use interjections to insult or harm pronouns.

Pronouns then send contingents of riot police to “oppress” these things.

And the things continue to sit and watch as this place crumbles.

People and places no longer apply.

Everything is a thing.
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when i start reading it i feel as if i should start reading it faster and faster until it is all slurred together, like they do on commercials when they are trying make you frustrated and tense, just thought you might like to know that.