So next semester for college my friends and I are going to rent out a house. This house has a basement, a place where I would like to have some basement shows. I was just wondering if basement shows that you guys play in get broken up by cops and ****. If they do that would be a real problem because there will definitely be some underage drinking going on.
depends....is the house attached to other houses then people might complain bout noise, if not ya can always do some sound proofing and keep it all in the basement then people wont have a reason to call the cops
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Tell your neighbors to just come over and tell you if the noise is bothering them. Let them know when you are having shows and stuff, so at least they won't call the cops right off the bat. Make friends with them too, even if they are kinda old.
This worked for a couple of my friends who got a house. Just asking their neighbors if it was okay with them before they threw a party made all the difference.
It's not like they're going to say 'no,' and then after they agree, they're not going to go back on it.
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Don't allow underage drinking. That's the last thing you want on you if the **** hits the fan.
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Don't allow underage drinking. That's the last thing you want on you if the **** hits the fan.
Yep, good advice.

Most of the time the cops will just tell everyone to go home. If it becomes a problem, then you might get fined.
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Don't allow underage drinking. That's the last thing you want on you if the **** hits the fan.

not allowing underage drinking will definitely solve the problem, as it will mean that no-one will come to your party so there will be no danger of the cops being called.
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Really, there is no simple answer. There are a lot of factors you need to consider ESPECIALLY what kind of neighborhood it is. That will have more bearing on your ability to have parties and basement shows more than anything else.

Also, is your building right against another one? Are they a row house and share a wall? Or do you have some space?

Some tips though:
1) Tell the neighbors before hand. If they are adamantly against it don't bother because the cops will get called within a song or two.

2) Start the music early, end the music early. Your neighbors will be alot more likely to be ok with if you tell them the music will be done at a reasonable hour. Doesn't meen the party has to grind to a halt, just get the bands done.

3) Soundproof the windows, no matter how small they are. You'd be amazed how much noise can escape even from a small basement window.

4) KEEP PEOPLE INSIDE. I can't stress this enough. It's tough to do during the warmer months, especially if you know a lot of smokers but most of the parties I've been too that get broken it up it's due to drunk people outside talking WAY too loud and/or being destructive.

5) Frequency. I can tell you form first-hand experience a neighbor who says they don't mind a bit of noise form parties on the weekend will quickly change thier mind if it's going down constantly. Just because they say they don't mind a band playing doesn't mean they're going to be ok with it every other week. Another good thing is to try and do it on holiday weekends. Assuming you're in the US: Labor Day, 4th of July, Memorial Day and New Year's are excellent times for basement shows because most people will be having or are out at BBQ's or parties themselves.

6) Be a good neighbor otherwise. Keep your place clean on the outside, always clean up and trash outside immediatley the next morning. No one wants to look out the window at a trash heap. Also keep the noise level down during the week and again, DO NOT throw big parties every weekend.
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^^ Great advice, thanks a lot. I was thinking about buying some panels to put up in the basement, i thought that would help a bit. Then I can always have like a dry run, and see how it actually sounds from outside. If it is to loud, then **** it, otherwise id be really pumped to get some drunk kids going nuts to music in my basement.
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otherwise id be really pumped to get some drunk kids going nuts to music in my basement.

And so is the American Dream.

Anyway, do as above, especially the neighbors. Luckily, my neighbors are either: Loud themselves, never home in the summer, or are always over. I luck out in the end.