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south park
24 73%
robot chicken
8 24%
1 3%
Voters: 33.
ok people im wondering, out the morally wrong cartoons which is your favourite? south park or robot chicken. i cant really decide because robot chicken is really awesome but its too short while south park is still pretty good, but i guess if i had to choose id choose robot chicken. whats your opinion
Why choose? I love both, although i was not a fan of the major boobage episode of SP. But if you are going to do those two, you have to throw in ATHF which rocks, futurama, family guy, Etc
Aqua Teen Hunger Force^

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southpark for it's satirical humor, and ability to diss everything, extremely well.

After seeing the family guy episode, my friends and I decided that we're just going to randomly say "remember the time...", "this reminds me of the time...", "you think that;s bad? remember the time..." in the middle of conversations to annoy people, and prove it's not funny.
if your talking about morally wrong cartoons I choose Ren And Stimpy. that show is just wrong.
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I like cows. And Talking With Christ.

SP however the new season is lacking.

Assy Mcgee and Xavier: Renegade Angel rock though, put together they own SP.
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south park set new standards for what you could show on TV in america. i remember when it first came out and people were going nuts about the kind of stuff they were doing. now they do things that make the old stuff look tame and nobody says anything about it.