Hey all...
I just posted an impromptu "live" version of this song... I posted the original a while ago and it got pretty good feedback... I'd love to hear your thoughts on this bootleg version.
It's labeled "Untitled LIVE"...
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I like the fact the guitar is very twangy steelish....

Your voice has to much reverb on it - but it is solid and pretty good.

You can hear the noise of the pick hitting the pick guard and it's quite bothersome ...

Keep it up tho
thanks man... yeah the pic hitting the pickguard is an annoying problem i have with my form... it's not so prevalent in the "LIVE" cut is it? i know its very bothersome in the non live one. as far as reverb goes, i'm not sure i fully agree but i'll give it a listen..
personally I likes the non-live version just a bit better. It's good dude, well done.
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crazy... i can do a little medley of that song when i'm finishing up this song... i bet the crowd would love that.