whats the best guitar you've ever played that you've never heard of?

i played this electric the other day which was crafted by one of the local luthiers here in victoria. gorgeous piece of work, made completely from scratch. had a $700 price tag but easily rivaled any $1500 i've ever played.. (I would probably say it was better if i had enough time with it.)

anyway, share your stories of those unknown gems!
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Well, probably my first ever guitar, it was one of them stratocaster copies, $300 price tag I believe, but even with the original single coils, it took distortion quite well, I can easily compare it to the Jackson Kelly I currently play.
a late 70's hondo strat. best sounding and playing strat i've ever laid my hands on. stupidly i traded it away for an sg.
My pick, assuming almost no one knows about Lyle guitars, is the 1802T. I bought it used, for $50 USD...probably because no one could recognize the brand. Turns out that it has a better and more solid neck than any strat, and an interesting twist: You could actually change capacitors with the flip of a slide switch. The first time I tried it, I almost swallowed my teeth! The stock pickups were single coils, but you could make them sound almost like a good humbucker by flipping that switch. Great tone, and solid as a rock. Being a tech, I set it up myself, and it plays like a dream. I'm in the process of switching out the pickups for humbuckers, though...to avoid the noise...only downside. Best no name bargain I've ever picked up!

Yea, I've played a Hondo Strat too, it had 3 holes in increasing size drilled through it and re-painted, it was the sex.
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There's some no name guitar at my school. It's been re-finished in white at some point, so I have no idea who its made by. It looks pretty old, and resembles a tele in shape. Its HH configuration, with a V neck profile. Plays great
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