I live in Australia, it's a great country but it officaly sucks because we only have one fulltone dealer. Global Vintage has naturaly high prices to start with but seeing as they have the monopoly on Fulltone pedals, its seems to have gone to their head.

They're asking $335 for a GT-500 pedal. On top of that, they dont even have any Clydes, Choralflanges or '70 Pedals.

I'm sure as hell not in the mood to get ripped off blind, so im thinking, where should i be looking to get these pedals?

I know ebay have them, but im in Aus, and shipping's a nightmare (cost me a grand to get my RD into the country).

Should I wait for them to turn up on ebay US for a decent price then bring them in?

Any suggestions would be awsome.

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I got a Fulltone '69 from ebay had to pay a import charge though wasnt too much... I paid hmm roughly £100 which is about $200 considering they cant make these pedals anymore I saw that as worthwhile..

the pedal btw is outstanding
man im with its bullshiit we pay some much for gear in australia
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