Hi There UG!!!

I use a Gibson Les Paul (Zakk Wylde Pickups) into a Marshall DSL401 combo.

Just got a Boss MT-2 to add to my pedal board as what a nice range of tones available to me at the kick of a pedal.

Anyone got any recomended settings?

I'm open to any type of music/sound.
The MT-2 sucks. Sounds way to harsh and doesn't you amp have already enough gain.

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Return it if you can. I have one to get my enough gain on my SS amp but it doesnt sound that good.

That said my settings are highs almost maxed, lows about 4:00, Mids at 2:00, mid freq. at 11:00 and gain to taste, usually between 12:00 and 3:00 depending on what im playing.
For those who care.
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To be fair I only really got the MT-2 so I dont have to kart my amp off to rehearsal along with other ****.
I enjoyed the "throw it at a slapper out the car window on the way home from the studio after hearing how crap all your sounds came out and curse the prick of an amp tech that took 6 weeks to fix an output tranny" setting. It was great value.

Really. Get rid of it.
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sell it and get the MD-2 (the mega distortion) its way better
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I could only ever get a good sound when it was off.
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I used to love it, but that was my first pedal, now I honestly hate it, some people are a little over exaggerating by saying to return it and all of that crap. What amp do you have and what settings are you using.
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