Does anyone on here BMX?

Its so much better than skateboarding!
Up ........... and ................. Down

But in the end its only round and round

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Porn degrades my sperm count.

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If a girl says something, and nobody is there to hear it, is she still wrong?
BMX kids think they can push us skateboarders around..But we all know boarders are sexy beasts and cooler
I use to back in the day (im 19 now). I had a really nice specialized frame, alex triple wall rims, and all sorts of little things I spent like 4 year customizing it. I never got very good though, all i could do is ride the bowl, barspin, and 180. :-\ I probably could have gotten much better but i decided to play sports in highschool.
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With boys it's like "here's an incredibly complex sport to learn with sophisticated rules and various interdependent roles to play in a social unit."

For girls it's like "here's Barbie...you're fat!"
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Mountain Bikes > BMX > Skateboard > Your Mom

What he said.

Downhill/Freeride is where it's at.
Every day

is exactly

the same...