Dark blank sky
Roads with no people passing by
Just a blinking street lights
And this blinding smoky air

Water droplets is falling everywhere
I wish i was one of them
Thinking of you, where have you gone tonight
Falling to the place i loved

In this world were living in
We dont always get what we deserved
And what things we thought were ours
Sometimes can be the source of our pain

I cant understand why they are so jubilant
Being a bully is not my role, That girl cause me to fall
This aspects of mine
You'll remember for the rest of your life

Dumb blank faces of people walking by
Is staring at mine
This perplexing things of mine
Can be seen only by my eyes

People with feeble minds for peace
Are overwhelmed by destruction and peace

Sometimes what we think is sufficient
Isnt still that enough
Dreaming of what we want to be someday
Musicians playing for the rest of the day

Here i stand for all of us dreamers!
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Thanks Man

Filth, pure filth... That's what you are.