i see a white razorback with stars and stripes(sorta like a cheap looking white version of the confederate) in a guitar shop in southend england and cant find it online anywhere.
anyone seen this before?
the price tag said it was £1300 now £699
first mistake, LAST MISTAKE!!!!

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shall be starting on my ears soon
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having not researched it maybe a custom paint job perhaps? the only razorbacks that are originally priced over about £850 are dimebag tribute ones and they go from about £2,500-£4,000 so could be a super rare one of those but i doubt it lol

it sounds like a dodgy marketing strategy sell it about twice its value for about 2 days and then cut the price by loads so it looks like a good deal when its actually only worth the new price it just looks like a good deal, i think tesco did it once with fruit :P
It's probably just saying that it's a huge cut down from it's RRP which usually hugely more than what the store will sell it for, and as the guy above me said, it's probably not the pro-built ones as they're very pricy but one of the cheaper lower end versions; anda s hte guy above him said, wrong forum