He can't post right now, so he asked me to do this for him. He just posted it. Using an Ibanez GRG170DX running through a Zoom G2.1u and a 15 watt Marshall MG. Pretty good tone. Please crit.

EDIT: Not all original, only a small amount was original, but it saves posting in an original recordings forum.
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Needs work on phrasing, timing, bending first and foremost. It sounded like he was trying to race through everything as fast as possible and that made it sound worse. The tone is poor (what do you expect through an MG though) but poor tone can be rescued by playing, which unfortunately it wasn't here. Tell him he needs some serious practice in all areas but specifically in the 3 I mentioned above. Also this will help him allot for timing http://www.metronomeonline.com/
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Tone was alright, not great, but alright. But as SurfinWithSatch states, metronome work would help.

Also, PLEASE tell him to either use less delay, or turn it off. There's WAY to much echo on it all. It's hard to pick up individual notes due to huge amounts of saturated distortion and echo.
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eh alright nothing special, Paschendale needs a fair bit of working on timing needs lots,

WAYY YYYYYYYWAYYYYWYAYY toooooooo mmmmmmuuuuuucccccchhhhhhhh delay

Like i mention before just have a click track, backing track, head phones, something to keep u in time

dont say ew headphones uncool. uncool is playing out of time